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4MP Dual lens Stereo 3D Camera Module with Omnivision OV4689 sensor

Dual Lens Camera Module

Model: CMT-4MP-OV4689-R007

Key Features

This is one of our popular dual-lens camera modules, both sensors are Omnivision OV4689 CMOS sensors, they have very high quality color image, up to 4 Mega Pixel (3040×1520)


The camera module is made of 3 parts: a controller board and 2 separare camera module boards, they are connected by FPC AWM cables, and you can adjust their position & angle according to your equipment and specific requirement.


The controller module size is 50mmx30mm and the 2 camera module size is 30mmx25mm, we can change their dimension as per your requirement; the current lens FOV is 90° and we can also change to any FOV as you wish, from 40°, 60° to 180°, 220°, etc; 


It is popular because of its high quality image sensors (up to 4 Mega Pixel) and also because it has multi-functions, you can put the 2 lens at the same side to be a standard dual lens camera module, or you can put the 2 lens opposite to be a 360° VR panorama camera module, and you can adjust the lens space according to your machine.


This camera module is widely used for such applications as 3D, AI, computer vision, gaming systems, VR, AR, face recognition, depth detection, distance detection, automotive, medical equipment, artificial intelligence, imaging, robotics, machine vision, security systems and so on...



This camera module supports the below resolution & frame rate:


3040×1520@30fps; 3040×1080@30fps; 2560×960@30fps; 2560×720@30fps; 1600×600@30fps; 1280×480@30fps;  



3040×1520@1fps; 3040×1080@1fps; 2560×960@1fps; 2560×720@1fps; 1600×600@3fps; 1280×480@5fps;  




Key Feature:

4 Mega Pixel with Omnivision OV4689 CMOS image sensor

Synchro technology, ie, 2 photos come as ONE image, they have same resolution and frame rate

You can adust lens space easily according to your machine

You can put 2 lens opposite act as 360° VR panorama camera

High quality image, high dynamic range

UVC compliant, Plug & Play

Support Linux, Android, Mac and Windows

Small outline for embedded application

Multi-functions and multi-applications





Model No 



1/3’’ Omnivision OV4689


4 Mega Pixels

Most effective pixels

3040 x 1520

Pixel Size

2.0µm x 2.0µm

Image area

5440um(H) x 3072um (V)

Compression format


Frame rate

see above 

Shutter Type

Electronic rolling shutter

Focus type 

Fixed focus

S/N ratio


Dynamic range



1900mV / lux-sec

Interface type

USB2.0 high speed


Adjustable parameter

Brightness/Contrast/Color saturation/Hue/Definition/

Gamma/White balance/Exposure



focal length: 3.6mm

Lens Size:  1/3 inch

FOV:  90°

Thread Size:  M12*P0.5

Audio frequency


Power supply


Power consumption

DC 5V, 180mW

Main chip


Auto Exposure Control (AEC)


Auto White Balance (AEB)


Auto Gain Control (AGC)




Storage temperature

-20°C to 70°C 

Operating  temperature

0°C to 60°C 

USB cable length




Support OS


Linux with UVCabove linux-2.6.26 

MAC-OS X 10.4.8 or later

Android 4.0 or above with UVC

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